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Ive been waiting on my money cash out been signed up for months . they say oh were waiting on ur bank for balance. They say send us a screen shot of ur account will take care of it , cuz bank can take long and you can cash out. speed lighting, not so much iv been waiting days only can be contacted through email worst service ever. I don't feel valued at all.!! Its been over 24hours and nobody got back to me:(

Cool! Even though I can only borrow $100 at this time!

Comes in handy between paydays I just wish I would hold more than $100


Super easy to use, get your money quick, and can raise your amount easily over time!

Great job

Easy, organized, clean and friendly in short. Support is excellent and responds quickly. Really impressed.

When it works it’s good..

It’s a good app when it actually wants to work. I am having constant issues with it staying connected. Support is OK but they don’t always respond in a timely manner. You also can’t have 2 work locations which is a big deal for me since I work at 2 stores. It’s good but not great.


THIS APP MONITORS YOUR BANKING ACTIVITY! WHEN YOU TRY TO CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNTS IT WONT ALLOW YOU TO. And Customer service will give you the run around to keep you from closing it. DO NOT TRUST THIS APP.

No more pay day loans

Great and reliable and peace of mind

100% Legit

This is a great app!!! You have to get it to believe it!!


This app is socially and economical justified. I’m a single mom first generation college grad this app helps me in many ways. I believe when you work hard you should be able to borrow from yourself without selling your soul. Thanks Earnin who ever created this app deserves a noble peace prize seriously!

So helpful!

Simple to use, easy to understand. A really great tool everyone should have handy.


A friend referred me to this app and at first I loved it. Customer service was great and I had no problems. Recently the app wouldn’t insert my time sheets accurately and would always need a screenshot from the bank. anytime I got paid I would screenshot my bank statements and send my time sheet multiple times. It seems that only half of their staff knew how to fix the problem while the others would give me the run around. The last straw was when the customer service rep not only did nothing to resolve my problem, she sent me a survey to rate her performance. She didn’t once ask if the problem was truly resolved. Two other reps tried helping and still same issue. If the entire staff had the same knowledge and were able to assist me, I would’ve stuck around. It’s just really annoying to have to keep chasing after them just to get money from my own paycheck.


Does not even connect to my bank, Iv tried multiple times it’s a waste of time probably have all my bank account info saved now

Reported to BBB

What goes up must come down.


This app is awesome and convenient


Hi how can I invest into this app?

They Got Your Back!!

This site is everything they advertise. I have not been disappointed yet!! I utilize their services in between pay periods when an emergency arises. Worthy of my business because being a single parent can be a roller coaster ride and things happen. You wont be disappointed😃

Making more money just to work??

This is a life saver. So simple and all I have to do is work. Gets my location and how long I’ve been there and then adds to my account after seeing my paycheck go in? That’s incredible.

You work hard. You deserve this.

It’s exactly what the responsible, underpaid & hard-working person needs. An affordable and safe way to borrow a little bit of cash with an easy-peasey payback plan. It’s so easy and customer service is responsive & helpful. I was nervous about giving-up bank account information, but everything is safeguarded. This app has come in handy for me so many times — I’m not sure how I lived without it. You work hard. You deserve this.

Perfect if your short on money before your paycheck.

This app’ is a lifesaver! There’s a few days where I’m a little short before my Direct Deposit hits, and Earnin’ is always there to lend a helping hand. Hands down, one of the most legit apps in the market. Thanks, Earnin’!

So far so good

I have not had the app long. But so far so good. Having even just 100 bucks of your own hard earned money before payday can be a huge help! This app communicates very well with my bank. The bank communication was my biggest concern because I have had other apps that not communicate at all and it was a constant fight so much so that I finally just gave up and cancelled everything.


Earnin has really been helpful for me! Been using it for about 2 months now with NO issues whatsoever!

No point

This app is supposed to help you in a bind, but it can take any where from 2-3 days to prove your schedule work hours. This app is not helpful if you need cash right away.

Worst thing I have ever tried!

I downloaded this app in May; it is now the middle of July and have NOT been able to use this app at all! There have been over 75 emails between myself and at least 5 different people from their “support team”. I’ve gone through and done everything I needed to as far as changing my bank login information. I have been told that the issue is with their 3rd party vendor who verifies the bank accounts and that they can’t see my direct deposit dates or their deposits they made to test which they have done 2 different withdraws and 2 different deposits but they can’t seem to connect to my bank or verify it??? WORST APP EVER!!!


This app is actually legit! I wasn’t sure at first butttttttt then I actually used it and now we feel so much better now that we have access to funds in case an emergency!! Definitely recommend!



Poor service

The service is horrible!!! For the last 3 days the app has been having problems connecting with my bank and the customer service reps have done nothing to help. For 3 days I have been trying to contact them and no reply. The bad connection has nothing to do with my bank and earnin is refusing to help out with the problem.

Literally amazing to use!

This app allows you to get part of your payday in advance! It is useful especially if you get paid biweekly and you have to wait that awkward middle week with no money. They deposit the money super fast and their support center is very responsive. It is definitely worth taking the time to set it up and try it out!


I work for only $9 an hour, and I owed Earnin $55.50. I only got paid $32 and some change from working only one day in the week, so I took out $43 before they could. My account went negative $69.50 between Wells Fargo late fees and what I owed Earnin. I got paid the next week $132 and change, so after paying the $69.50 I was left with $70. If you pay your overdraft fees, your account becomes current and whatever you owed gets paid for!!! I get a call from Wells Fargo saying “fraud alert” and this freaking app tried taking out $35 FIVE TIMES!!!!!! I had to file an investigation!!!!!!! I tried to get lunch yesterday, and my card is declined- TURNS OUT THEY TOOK OUT THE ONLY $20 I HAD WHEN I ALREADY PAID THEN BACK! These people are scammers DO NOT give them your information because your money will be stolen!

Going down hill

Earnin used to work perfectly for me until about a month ago. Now I have constant errors that won’t allow me to cash out. They say they can’t connect to my bank when I enter correct info. Then I have to wait for support to unlock my account. Kind of a bummer because I never have had an issue paying them back

Five Stars!

Legit, fast and extremely helpful! Love this app!!

Game Changer

And life saver!

Simple and easy!

This is so easy and super helpful for those of us who get paid bi-weekly.

Really helps!

Unfortunately, I am one of the many who live paycheck to paycheck, so when I discovered this app, it gave me a way to not worry about if a bill came out earlier than expected, and whether or not I was able to buy food or not! I absolutely adore this app! Yes, you have to cash out multiple days if you need more than $100.00 to hold you over, but that is something that can be easily overlooked when it comes down to the piece of mind it gives me! Thank you so much for creating this app!

Great app

Very simple and easy to use.

Complete waste of time and a huge headache...

I downloaded this app,I have to say it seemed like it would be a great alternative to your traditional payday loan so I gave it a try,1-2 business days to verify accounts it says.Nope took weeks of back and forth send screenshots of everything they needed.So everyone they asked for I did and wouldn’t get a response back for 3 days,then they’ll say we need something else,I’ll send right away and again waited another 3 days.Then thank the heavens I’m all done and all the boxes are green and boooom! Starts me back all over again,this needs to be verified again and this again and that again and again and again OMG it was driving me nuts!So chances are someone gonna write me back saying how sorry they are and how frustrating this all must have been and let them take care of it,But you know what?..NO THANKS!..I don’t feel like sending more and more screenshots every three days.COMPLETE NONSENSE.i recommend the DAVETHEBEAR APP!... ***Edit*** Account wasn’t negative,you guys were taking weeks to verify everything.Once verified and complete,you will start the process over and verify again.That was pointless,you guys asked for the same screenshots dozens of times,it was annoying.

Convenience done right

Not only do you get instant cash advance you don’t owe interest and don’t have to worry about finding the money to pay it back. Your own cash hard earned money at the snap of a finger.

Earnings app is the best!

This app has help me and my family soooo much during crunch times! Thank you very, very much earnings!!! I am a super satisfy app user 👍👍

Amazing app

Love this app... helped me a few times! Always recommending!

boy I love money

*jim carrey voice* I like it a lot

Life Saver!!!

Living paycheck to paycheck is rough and this wonderful app helps us make ends meet in-between those hard weeks!!! Thank you!!

Life Saver

I pay weekly rent but get paid bi weekly. This app comes in handy for me nearly every day. Takes a little long to get started but once everything is approved it’s honestly the best.

Easy to use and it’s very helpful!!!

I love every bit of this app!!! Glad it was created!

My account

It says my bank account requires me to log back in and I tried several times and it won’t let me


The best

Great app!

Love this app! Easy to use and they spell everything out for you in simple terms. It’s saved my butt a few times now! Highly recommend!

Stay away

Incompetent customer service. They never respond when they mess up.

Extremely impressed!!

I was really skeptical at first but this app is legit! I’m extremely impressed and pleased with it. After confirming your place of work and your banking system, it is so simple and easy to use. Thanks!!

Neat App

I think this is really cool how you can borrow money from yourself!! Really comes in handy on that last little week before you get paid again

Just awesome

Awesome app,better than a loan center

More of an inconvenience

It’s more of a hustle than you think. They will have problems connecting with your bank, they will have problems viewing your time sheets, they’ll take the money back when you least expect it. Honestly save you’re self yen headache and go with something else. It’ll save your time and yes money

I didn’t get far with this app

Can’t even get past the security questions. Even though all my answers are correct. So I gave up

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