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Ive been waiting on my money cash out been signed up for months . they say oh were waiting on ur bank for balance. They say send us a screen shot of ur account will take care of it , cuz bank can take long and you can cash out. speed lighting, not so much iv been waiting days only can be contacted through email worst service ever. I don't feel valued at all.!! Its been over 24hours and nobody got back to me:(

Love this app!!

As someone who lives paycheck to paycheck it comes in handy sometimes and it puts the money in your account in minutes!!


Perfect when you need quick cash. In your account in minutes!

Lack of communication. App needs updates

I have been on a back and forth cycle with different people emailing me trying to keep my business with is app. When I have been asking for them to Close out my account now since September 19th 2018 but they have failed to do so. I have asked for the app to be updated so I could close out my account myself but they have not. They also said they would respond to an email with in an hour but it was hours to a day.


Great app I love using Earnin!! Receive money early and is available when I need it


I like this. Very practical.


When I first downloaded the app and read up on the process how this works. I said right just another way to get rip off or someone having access to your account to steal your bank account information. I was blown away that this is real, what you see is what you get. Bank fees can be up $35 for overdrafts. You tip what you think is feasible for how much you transfer to your account. Say you transfer $100 and your tip is $10. On your next payday $110 is taken out automatically. No hidden fees, what you ask for is what is taken out plus your tip. Like many have said don’t read only the bad reviews, this is a very legit app and best of all no HIDDEN FEES! Please try it out you want regret it! Thank you!


This app is awesome

Makes life easier !!

Really an amazing app , easy to use !! 👌🏼


This app is amazing gives you money when you need it and allows you to pay it back on pay day. Lol I still think there is a kick to this app but idk I love it


This is legit and awesome tool to use just in case you are in the need of a few dollars before payday.

Legit, dependable app!!!

I love this app, definitely comes in handy when something unexpected comes up and you need some cash before your payday and unlike most payday loans there in no large interest fee, you pay what you think is fair and your cash literally gets deposited into your account in seconds! There’s no app like this one...

Customer service

Absolutely horrible customer service. Would give half a star if possible

Need more apps like this

What can I say? Any time you need help they are there for you!

Better than I expected

I had a co-worker recommend this app and I have to say that it was a blessing. Now I tell all of my friends about it!


No words to describe how amazing this app is love it


Great app that has saved the day numerous times over the last two years I've been using it.

What happened to the customer support

Customer support was great then all of sudden no response to my requests or anything this is not the experience I’m use to with this app pretty disappointed I’ve have been a very loyal customer but I’m ready to try something else because of the lack of response

Amazing app!!!

Literally borrow what you need, $100 a day up to $500 per pay period! Pay back what you think is fair on top of what you owe. It’s a better solution that a payday loan or credit cards in my opinion!

Such a blessing!

I love this app because it is private, quick and easy to use. I like that it only allows you to take a max of $100 daily too.

great app but where’s more ?

this is a great app if you just need a few extra dollars to get by for about a week. but i’ve been using earnin for quite some time now . i would love to know the requirements to be able to access more than $100 a week. it says you will be able to access more money as time goes on but i would love to know when and if there requirements what are they.

Try Davis

Been waiting all day for help and still no help they took my money then locked my account.

Slow customer service

My whole account has been hacked and they won’t help me access the whole account or delete my information off of it. I have tried everything to talk to customer service about it and haven’t gotten anywhere with them

Problems with this app every week.

Ever since I downloaded this thing I’ve had to contact support every week. It doesn’t update anything even though you’ve paid them back. When it’s actually functioning properly it’s convenient, but you’ll find yourself having to contact support way too often to get it functional. And support has not responded to me all day. This is a new one; the app claims I’ve reached my limit , 450, after I only pulled out 400. I didn’t expect the app would be incapable of simple math. And no one in support seems to want to even answer my messages.

Came in really handy

I ran short of cash and I needed to pay a bill 3 days before my paycheck arrived so my credit doesn’t get messed up, and this app was there for me. The customer service is 5star, they helped me in setting up everything in less than 12 hours since I provided all the verification proof they needed. Top Notch Services.


This app is a life saver.. love it !!


App crashes with latest version

Sincerely a hard working man

This is the greatest app I have on my phone by far. It’s by far the best app I’ve downloaded by far and it’s 100% legit!

Why hasn’t this existed before?!

I cannot say enough about how wonderful this app is. It is legitimate and easy-to-use and I hope this app and concept stay around forever. It is so nice to not have to borrow $20 here and there from others and to just be indebted to myself. It gives me self-reliance and financial privacy. I also love that there are limits so that people cannot get too far in debt. That, on top of the concept of giving back and helping others instead of paying fees, makes me think the people who created Earnin are truly trying to help others and not just make money. Would love to see an update for multiple job locations or for people who work remotely.

This app is amazing

Not only is it easy to setup and use they go above and beyond to make sure every user is satisfied. Keep up the great work Earnin.

Life Saver

I saw all these reviews that people have left here like “this is a life saver” and I thought it was bs. This ain’t Money Lion. You get your money on the spot.

Love this app!

Some of the reviews had me a little skeptical, but I built my trust like the app said and Earnin has really come in handy! Any questions or problems were handled quickly and the customer service was very friendly. Def a great way to get extra cash when you need it, no complaints here👍🏾

Bad app

I was using this app and it was great and now it has turned out to be a nightmare. It won’t allow me to use the same bank I have been using on the app since I first downloaded it . Now all of the sudden it won’t allow me to use my account. I asked for help from customer support and they told me “you need to use a regular checking account rather than a prepaid account” but my account IS NOT PREPAID it’s a regular CHASE CHECKING ACCOUNT . AND THE SAME ONE I HAVE BEEN USING ON THE APP BEFORE I UPDATED THE APP!!! Now customer service won’t even reply to my message when I send one or an email and there’s no number you can call. Do yourself a favor and don’t download this app it’s a huge waste of time

Customer Service

My bank doesn’t send real time alerts so I have been instructed to send a screenshot of my account. This has happened several times. It gets fixed then the next day same issue. I contacted support on a Saturday and received a response on a Monday asking for the screenshot again. It is now Tuesday it hasn’t been fixed and no one will respond to my messages. This isn’t a good customer service practice and makes me not want to use this app.


I was SOOOOO skeptical about this...so glad I gave it a try! This app has been my saving grace! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


Love this app. Helped me at the right time. I would recommend to everyone.



I don’t give 5 stars easily

This app is absolutely amazing and such a great idea it really helps when you have that credit card bill that you forgot about after you’ve paid all your other bills or when you’re just broke and wanna go out and have a drink it’s the best

It really does what it says!

When you need that little extra to get you by, this is the app for that! No strings attached. Tip to help the community of users and we’re all better off! Love this app!

Worst app ever

Please delete my account I’m done playing games. Delete me now

Trust this app

Really easy to use and the customer service is great!

Always there when needed

Some days you just need an advance and others you don’t. Great service!

I absolutely love this app

I really love the fact that they don't charge a fee and the app is so easy and very understandable.


I love this app! It’s saved me so many times!!!!!!❤️❤️ keep it going Earnin!!!!

Saved me

Love it and you get to tip what you think is fair to keep it going 💕

Saved my life

Thank u for making this app.. it has helped me so much.. I'm a single mom of 2 and it's hard some days to make it my next check !!! Thank you so much 🙏🏾🙏🏾

Amber’s Review

Excellent app and outstanding, quick service. Thanks so much.

This app is amazing!

This app really saved my life a few times, like everyone else I was skeptical about trying it but it’s great. Everyone should try who could use it.

The best

This the best app i ever used an costumer service is great if ever need help message them in the chat they will help. Overall satisfied


I’ve been using this app for three months. It’s basically a loan and the only extra you pay is your tip that you tipped the next person to be able to cash out!

3 days to get things verified.

Just signed up. Up to 3 days to varify everything I guess. That’s ok! Just not what I expected since the marketing for the app is all about speed. Looking forward to whenever I’ll be able to use it.

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